DEWALT DC515K 1/2-Gallon 18-Volt NiCd Cordless Wet Dry Vacuums

The Dewalt DC515K is quite a bruiser of a handheld vacuum. But is it really worth it for you as an average user to buy it or is it only suitable for constr

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dc515k  reviewDEWALT DC515K Review

The Dewalt DC515K is quite a bruiser of a handheld vacuum. But is it really worth it for you as an average user to buy it or is it only suitable for construction sites? Furthermore, does it perform well? Let us find out in this dc515k, dc515k review.



Feature and Specification for Dewalt dc515k

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  • PowerDC515K’s appearance lives up to its power – Over 18 volts is more than enough power to perplex you with what this handheld vacuum can pick up, from pet hair to metal debris . Furthermore, that is plenty for the
    wet messes as the DC515K is also designed to clean.
  • PerformanceI could easily make a list of all the things that this vacuum can clean well but it would be long enough to water down the essence of this article. There is a big difference between a handheld vacuum having enough power and utilizing that power well to benefit the user. This vacuum certainly utilizes its power well. Is it water that has spilled on sawdust, Or a pile of screws or metal shavings? No need to worry if you have this vacuum. Although it is not advertised for cleaning pet hair, but that gets sucked up, too!
  • Ease of UseThe vacuum has two main modes of use – not low or high like most vacuums, but has an extendable heavy-duty rubber nose or front nozzle. This nozzle performs well for spills on low or flat surfaces on the ground, and is designed in a way that you do not have to struggle with tilting your hand with the entire weight of the vacuum in it. The hose is about two and a half ft long if it is stretched fully, and with a diameter that is 1.25”,with such dimensions you will not have any problem picking up larger debris. It is very resourceful for reaching some areas where the whole body of the vacuum cannot.
  • Charging Time and battery lifeThis vacuum comes with a NiCad battery, which does not compare well with modern Lithium-Ion batteries currently in the market. But if you are looking for performance instead of the battery then this won’t be an issue. A Thirty-minute run time is the norm for this vacuum which should be enough for it to be used several days depending on how faster small messes are cleaned. Additionally, the charger that comes with it can even charge a depleted or AN old battery in approximately one hour. That is rare for cordless handheld vacuums! Furthermore, if you happen to have other Dewalt tools that use batteries, the batteries can be exchanged with this one and vice versa. For those who have any Dewalt 18v tool you can get a version of this machine, the DC515B without the charger or battery and save over $50.
  • WeightThe vacuum weighs about six pounds. That is comparable with other lighter vacuums, but this makes a lot of sense if you take into account what it is – This is an 18V handheld vacuum that has a half-gallon capacity.There is absolutely no way it could have been smaller and still work as expected.
  • FilterDeWalt included a unique Gore HEPA dry/wet filter with this vacuum. This has
    numerous advantages – The first one is high quality filtration of HEPA. The second one, it makes it easier to wash or tap clean. And thirdly, you do not have to switch the filter when changing to dry or wet messes like many other vacuums.
  • Dust BinThis vacuum has a half a gallon tank for liquid and debris .You can go for several days without emptying it. For liquids, it has a drain port which makes it extremely easy to empty and also to avoid spilling again what you have already cleaned up.
  • ReliabilityThe DEWALT DC515K is designed for tough jobs, and everything that forms it is tough as well, from large on/off switch to the latch that holds firmly its tank .The rubber hose also won’t break or kink with all the flexibility it has.
  • WarrantyThe DEWALT DC515K comes with a three-year warranty and a three-month money back guarantee if it is defective. It also comes with a 12-month service contract.

Pros and Cons


  • -Utilizes its 18 voltage power well: Its strong suction is able to clean dry and wet messes well.
  • -It has a dry filter/Gore HEPA wet
  • -Has an incredibly large liquid tank/dust bin
  • -Comes with a flexible extendable hose.


  • -It has a strong suction power, which sometimes can be very loud.
  • -It comes with no included accessories except the battery and charger.




dc515k reviewThis is certainly designed for contractors and workshops – it’s big, tough and it can challenge wet, dry or heavy messes. That does not mean it won’t be resourceful in the household –there are a lot of basements and attics in your home that can be cleaned well with shop vac,but there is no way a giant corded vacuum can get into that space. That is where this
dc515k, dc515k review comes in handy. And if you happen to have a workshop too, so much the better for you!



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