DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Drill/Driver Kit- Review

The Dewalt DC970k-2 is an 18 volts drill-driver kit. This drill has a compact design which carries a powerful high performance motor.

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DEWALT DC970K-2, DEWALT DC970K-2 review


Dewalt-DC970K-2The Dewalt DC970k-2 is an 18 volts drill-driver kit. This drill has a compact design which carries a powerful high performance motor. The compact design is very comfortable to use especially in tight working spaces. User comfort is maintained even over the long working durations.






Feature and Specifications


  • The drill is particularly suited for drilling and fastening with a variety of materials. These include plastic, wood and metal. Applications such as cabinet installation, framing and HVA C can all be handled smoothly using this tool
  • For professional contractors just setting up their tools foundation, this is a great addition. If you are a do it yourself kind of guy, then this is a great power tool to have in your collection. The tool is available in cordless and compact designs.
  • Using the Dewalt’s DC 970K–2 cordless 18 volts drill-driver kit gives you maximum performance on any task. The tool can be used extensively with little or no fatigue. Its 380 unit watts motor is capable of high input. It also features a dual-speed of 0 to 450 and 0 to 1,500 RPM. The dual speeds maximize efficiency during fastening and drilling applications.
  • The drill has a 9 inch bit and weighs 5.2 pounds. This enables it to work well even at awkward angles and in spaces that are tight. The drill also comes equipped with a inch single-sleeve keyless ratcheting chuck. This enables it to grip on drill bits more tightly. The tight grip increases accuracy and precision during performance.
  • The kit to also comes with two18 volt NiCad batteries. To complete the kit, a contractor bag is provided for easy transportation from one point to the next.


Pros and Cons



  • This drill allows you to use one hand to release and tighten drill bits. This is a very convenient feature that reduces fatigue considerably. To avoid over screwing, this drill is equipped with an anti-locking mechanism.
  • The battery can be charged in one hour and it comes with a spare. The drill effectively retains its charge. Compared to other drills it can work up to three times longer. You can comfortably work full day on some tasks without changing the battery. However, very dry wood may occasionally cause some slowdown which might require you to change the battery sooner.
  • The drills NiCad batteries offer unique advantages. Compared to lithium ion batteries these can be kept safely without degradation when not in use. The lithium ion batteries have a shelf life of between two and three years. They will degrade whether you use them or not. The time they spend on the shelf before purchase is also factored in.Additionally NiCad batteries also work in cold weather unlike the lithium ion brands.
  • As you begin using the drill it starts at a slow speed. This is allows you to be steady which helps in increasing accuracy. This makes it an ideal tool for working on floors and other delicate surfaces. Its speed remains steady even when using 18 inch wood drill bits. This is impressive for a drill of this size.It is not advisable to engage the drill in work that is beyond its capability. Doing so may cause the motor to smoke. However, the drill is hardy and may still be able to function after such ordeals.
  • For the price of 89 bucks this drill is a great deal. Considering that you can replace the batteries for the same amount of money it’s like you get the charger, the drill and the case for free by just buying the battery.




  • With a power rating of 380, the drill falls below the average drill that can reach up to 480. It’s battery size is 1700 Ah, compared to current drills that are 2400 Ah. It can as well be classified as an old school drill. The fact that it has been discontinued by Dewalt means that getting replacement parts might turn into a shopping nightmare.
  • An LED light which is an important feature is missing on this drill. This means that you need to provide artificial light when working in dark areas. Such light is now a standard feature on all drills made in the recent past.


Dewalt-DC970K-2-operatINGThe drill has limited speed compared to the more recent XRP drill. This larger and heavier drill also has the hammer-drill capability which enables it to drill into hard materials such as masonry. The pricing is just perfect for such a handy tool. Though it’s light weight and slower, it gets the job done. Its battery advantages make the Dewalt DC970k-2 particularly suitable for home owners.






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