DEWALT DCD760KL 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Cordless Drill Drivers Review

DCD760KL DRILL Tools have been an essential part of man’s life since the beginning of time. From the more complex industrial machines to simple ones like..

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dcd760kl DCD760KL DRILL Tools have been an essential part of man’s life since the beginning of time. From the more complex industrial machines to simple ones like the can opener, their importance can never be overstated. Furthermore, the enhancement of technology has blessed the world with power tools, specifically designed to lift the burden off building and repairing stuff. The dcd760kl is one such product which has caught the eye of many who use power tools. This article will hence purpose to be a review of the dcd760kl.


Feature and Specifications of the DCD760KL

dcd760klreview dcd760klDerwalt dcd760kl

  • Arguably the most notable feature of the dcd760 drill is the fact that it is cordless, meaning that it houses a rechargeable lithium ion battery. At about 4 pounds, it also assembled in measurements of 15.4 by 12 by 4.5 inches. The dcd760kl also packs 18Volts of power which can deliver a speed of up to 1700rpm.
  • Available in a yellow casing of sturdy construction, the device also features a plastic keyless chuck of a 1/2” size. It also has an LED bulb fitted on the front side of the casing. Since the device is cordless, it also comes with a charger for the Li-Ion batteries.
  • The device is also compatible with a number of chargers, including the; DCB103, DW9117, DC9310, DC9319, DC9320 and DC012. Batteries compatible with it include the DC9096 and DC9180.

Pros & Cons

Pros of the DCD760KL

  • The cordless nature of the drill and its compact design undoubtedly tops the list when it comes to its advantages. This trait makes the drill very mobile and maneuverable, enabling one to carry out even the hardest of tasks with unfathomable ease.
  • Drilling or driving screws in dimly lit areas has always proved to be a difficult task for many. However, the dcd760kl has also been able to conquer the problem of poor lighting areas with a brilliant LED fitted on its panel. The illumination provided by the 18Volt bulb is truly a fascinating gift-no more guessing of the right spot when drilling.
  • Multiple speed and torque settings available on the dcd760kl provide versatility when trying to accomplish a variety of tasks. With two speed ranges available; 0-500rpm and 0-1700rpm, both larger and smaller holes, respectively, can be drilled on dense or light materials. With the addition of the 330 inch per pound torque, it is hard to think of a task that the drill can’t handle. Furthermore, the 17 clutch settings also come in handy in preventing the screws from stripping.
  • The dcd760kl was also able to overcome the heavy battery weight that accompanied high voltage drills. Although the drill packs 18Volts of power, it brags of a battery size smaller than many 12Volt batteries. Therefore, not only does the drill provide more power in a smaller package, it also reduces the fatigue during its use.
  • Another plus when it comes to the dcd760kl is how it is well balanced. Its battery weight to motor weight ratio is very proportional, enabling the user to focus more on aiming the drill rather than shifting their hands.
  • All this goes without mentioning the drill’s long lasting lithium-ion batteries. Being able to fully recharge in approximately 30 minutes, they last longer than the NiCad batteries that were present in other cordless drills. Furthermore, the batteries are compatible with other 18Volt power tools of the dcd760kl family that have been in production since 1996.

Cons of the DCD760KL

  • Like everything else under the sun, the drill also bears its share of setback.
  • The most notable limitation of the dcd760kl, however, is on its chuck. The keyless chuck tends to loosen over time with each usage, especially for tough tasks. This can easily be corrected by tightening the chuck often.


dcd760kl review

  • Overall, the dcd760kl cordless drill is a very nice device. Its versatility enables it to comfortably handle any task, whether around a construction site or in the convenience of one’s home.
  • Its long lasting power and easy quick recharge ability make it very power efficient. The torque and speed it produces can be matched by very few, if any, in the market. Furthermore, its design and ease of use makes it suitable for use by professional contractors or amateurs of both genders.
  • Therefore, whether one is looking to purchase a new drill or replace an old one, the review on the dcd760kl makes it the ideal catch. Highly recommended by most professionals, it would surely be a safe and wise investment.




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