Review- DEWALT DCK296M2 20V XR Hammerdrill and Impact Driver Combo Kit

The DEWALT DCK296M2 is an impact driver that is best suited for demanding drilling jobs that require fast drilling speeds with increased run time.

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DEWALT DCK296M2 Review


DEWALT-DCK296M2The DEWALT DCK296M2 is an impact driver that is best suited for demanding drilling jobs that require fast drilling speeds with increased run time. It comprises of three brush-less speed drills with an increased power compared to the standard brushed motor. The speed drill offers an amazing application speed which is effective for any high torgue job. Listed below are the features and specifications of this speed drill.




Feature and specification





  • These premium speed drills are perfect forfastening and high torgue applications including general residential and commercial construction, mechanical, plumbing and electrical installation. The combo kit comprises of an impact driver- DCF886, and a half inch hammedrill-DCD995. These tools comprise of a brush-less in-built motor that is capable of producing about 57% more of run time compared to the brushed motor. This is a major improvement of this model as it offers great delivery for high demanding job applications.
  • LED lights have been included in both tools giving a release trigger delay of twenty seconds which provides an increased visibility in confined or dark spaces. The LED lights are positioned differently, reducing shadows when viewing allowing for better accuracy. Additionally, both tools have been designed to be lightweight and compact. Its batteries, XR Li-Ion, equipped with a fuel gauge provide an increase in capacity of about 33%. This DeWalt combo kit delivers a 57% increase in drilling speed plus a 35% boost in run time. With the new changes and improvements made on this tool, energy can now be effectively transferred without wasting any of it during usage. In order to keep your mind at ease when working, the company provides a three year warranty for this product. This assures you of both its quality and reliability.
  • The entire design of this power drilling machine depicts innovation in all aspects. A push button has been included in the design. This makes it easier to use the brush-less impact driver as swapping the traditional accessories will be achieved with just the push of a button. In order to free the included accessory, one is required to press the small button ergonomically positioned on top of the trigger as you pull the accessory. The front-to-back length covered by the driver has been reduced by the 1” tip space provided by the button chuck. This makes it possible to fit into tight spaces without a hustle. Furthermore, the recessed button allows ease of use and high durability.
  • A battery fuel gauge pack has also been included in this brush-less design. Three green LED lights have been included in the battery to indicate the level of charge. One is capable of checking the charge level before using the tool and after completing a job application. When one of the three LED lights is on it shows a 25% charge level, two lights show about 50-26% battery level while all three lights show 100-51% battery level.
  • This DCK296M2 drilling tool offers great convenience with its 3 speed control. It is enhanced with three different speed selections that offer an improved application control. Its Electro-mechanical selector makes it possible to check the speed without having to turn the tool during application. The speed selector is easy to use and can be easily viewed all the time.






  • The brush-less impact drivers have been designed to be lightweight, durable, sturdy, powerful and easy to use. It also has an impressive battery life that makes it a good fit for any kind of construction or installation job whether it’s plumbing, commercial or simply residential projects. Its light weight feature makes it easy to handle.
  • Both tools included in the combo kit are of a good size and fit perfectly in the bag. The whole idea behind the impact driver is to have an increased performance when the tool meets resistance, otherwise it will just be a plain powered screw driver. The DCK296M2 delivers great performance during resistance, with the hammer drill capable of working fast on blocks by setting lags without the inclusion of a power cable. Its 20v battery offers great power to complete a job and with a reduced weight than older models. Moreover, its work lights provide sufficient lighting making it unnecessary to have multiple hand lights.


  • The DCK296M2 brush-less tool just like any other power tool has its shortcoming which is its lack of impact bits. Cheaper models are designed with impact bits and it’s somehow of a design drawback that this new brush-less design wasn’t offered with any. The other drawback is the ease with which it changes direction. This might not seem like a bad thing to some people as it all depends on the kind of job and the amount of torgue required.


DEWALT-DCK296M2-REVIEWDEWALT DCK296M2, having a brush-less motor, gives a better transfer of energy when using the tool, with its brushes generating less friction. This makes it possible to use the tool longer without charging. This speed drill package offers great features that make it an amazing choice for all types of drilling jobs.





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