This Dewalt DCS391B review will get down to the barebones of it all..

If you’ve been searching for a circular saw that can cut through a dearth of materials then the Dewalt DCS391B is definitely one for you Dewalt DCS391B is

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Dewalt DCS391B is the cordless power saw for you

DEWALT-DCS391BThis Dewalt DCS391B review will get down to the barebones of it all and assure you that it’s one of the better circular saws that money can buy. If you’ve been searching for a circular saw that can cut through a dearth of materials then the Dewalt DCS391B is definitely one for you. It features a fairly powerful 460MWO motor for exceptional power and speed, which is exactly what any project requires, either professionally or in the hobbyists workshop. It’s also fairly high-strength with a lot of speed, with a magnesium shoe for durability on the job. The carbide tipped blade ensures that cutting at 90 or 45 degrees cuts more where you need it most. With no load speed and a 5250RPM motor, the Dewalt DCS391B is one of the better circular saw tools one can purchase, and for just over $100 this powerful tool can be yours. Let’s see exactly what makes it so desirable.


There are a slew of excellent product features, so let’s get right down to it.


  • An extremely hardy 460MWO motor spins at 5250RPM and that is a great amount of speed and power, so it should cut through even the hardiest materials with relative ease. It’s an important consideration for relativity any circular saw tool.
  • Those looking for accuracy over the long-term can most definitely rely on the Dewalt DCS391B, as it has a magnesium shoe that is both lightweight and quite strong. Don’t worry about it wearing down; this is the cutting saw for you!
  • The rubber over-molded comfort grip is perfect for those looking for both balance and control. It’s optimized to deliver the perfect grip, every time.
  • The 6-1/2-inch carbide blade (on the tips only) is ideal for cutting into 2x materials and delivering more cuts per each charge, at both 45 and 90-degree angles.
  • Bevel capacity goes from 0-50 degrees, useful for practically any application that requires bevel cuts.

Pros and Cons



  • It’s quite solidly built, with a thick shoe so there won’t be any accidents in the workshop as long as you stick to the safety requirements.
  • It’s nice and slow to start, meaning that it won’t “jerk” when you attack the trigger. Thankfully though, it speeds up to a running start almost instantly.
  • When you apply the brake saw, the Dewalt DCS391B stops on the dime. Again, this is the perfect safety option.
  • Even the running sound isn’t irritating and won’t grind on you after many long hours spent in the workshop.
  • What is actually quite positive is that when you’re changing angles, the shoe itself won’t move around. This is great for accuracy.
  • Even the hex key has a secure storage of its own.
  • The handle is also extremely comfortable. This makes an enormous difference for practically any task and keeps hand-callouses from reoccurring. The lever is large and it keeps the shoe in place.
  • The saw that runs among the framing blade is quite impressive indeed, adding to high precision. You can also set the cut depth quite easily, which is the whole point of a cutting saw.



  • No batteries come with the package, so you’ll have to purchase these separately. Kind of irritating yet it’s to be expected. You’ll want to use the 4.0 batteries if you want the power to be truly awesome.
  • Doesn’t come with any extra tools to assist in the cutting process. Other power saws may have included a charging dock, for instance.





DEWALT-DCS391BOverall the saw is quite amazing, and can actually replace your standard corded circular saw. It’ll slice through practically anything as if it were a thin piece of paper, even the sturdiest of woods. Plus, there’s a nice LED readout for the battery meter. As such (and if you have good batteries) the life of the cordless Dewalt DCS391B power saw is a pretty nifty. Balance is great and visibility across the cut remains excellent on any project. If you really want to, you can add a super-cheap guide that keeps all the cuts as smooth and linear as possible.

Again, one of the best features is that the Dewalt DCS391B is a cordless product. There are so many corded tools at an even heftier price point but the Dewalt DCS391B simply blows them out of the water. We hope this Dewalt DCS391B review assisted you in deciding on your purchase.



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