Dewalt dw735x, dewalt planer dw735x is the best tool for wood planning

The Dewalt dw735x planer comes with a strong 15AMP, 20,000RPM motor rating with a cutter-head speed of 10,000RPM. This great speed and power makes it cut..

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A Dewalt dw735x review- is it worth purchasing?


Dewalt dw735x, dewalt planer dw735x, dw735x is the best tool for wood planning. It boasts of a high power motor and a high power cutter-head speed. This means that it can cut through large wood materials with much ease. Apart from its high power and cutter speed, the planer comes with loads of advantages; here is a good review of this product. This will assist you to know whether this product is worth purchasing or not.



Features and specifications


The Dewalt dw735x planer comes with a strong 15AMP, 20,000RPM motor rating with a cutter-head speed of 10,000RPM. As mentioned, this great speed and power makes it cut very wood with much ease. It further features a 3 knife cutter head, this is important to give the knife a 30% longer life span, it also allows for one to easily change the knife in a quick and easy process.

The machine comes with two speed gear box that allows CPI functioning at either 96 or 180 cuts per inch. It then has chip ejection that exhausts of wood dusts out of the machine. It also has an automatic carriage lock that assists in reducing movement that could cause snipe.

Pros and Cons


  • Great dust collectionOne feature of the Dewalt dw735x planner is that it comes with a chip ejection that effectively ejects wood dust. Its dust collection system is perfect; it is even more fantastic when there is an additional dust collection system. Those that use this planner for the first time will receive much less volumes of dust than expected.
  • High quality finishThis planer has received a huge acclaim due to its faultless finish. Its high cutting speed ensures that there is no visible snipe whatsoever after a cut. Even under magnification of the product you can be sure to see very small blemishes, to the naked the finish seems to be perfect.
  • Handy removal gaugeIts removal gauge works in an interesting way. Even though it is simply a gauge, you may want to rely on its right hand side of measurement. If you would like to cut to a certain width, you do not have to worry much about placing the wood at the middle to get a reading, one can get a reading through its right hand measurement at any part of the gauge. The gauge also comes with a full 13” that is helpful for different projects.
  • Large weight handlingThe planer is also great because it handles its work load fine. It has a large footprint and weight that enables it to handle much weight from the load. One does not have to bolt it down when using it.
  • Automatic carriage lockA final nice feature about this planer is that it comes with an automatic carriage lock. This means that it reduces the movements and assists to reduce its snipes. This is a really nice feature since it provides a convenient working condition. It provides the user with one less thing to worry about before making a cut.



  • The Dewalt dw735x is a great machine, however it comes with a few complaints. First, the machine does not work really well out on cold. When tested in cold, it was found that the roller does not do a really good job in pulling the wood through. However, this is not a big deal as you can easily solve it. All one has to do is to point its heater at the back of the planer and it would work pretty fine. The noise levels of this planer are also quite high. Everyone around you could be disturbed by its noise. This also means that one has to wear gun muffs when using this planner, especially when working on harder woods.








Overall, this is the best planner anyone could find. It is easy to set up and use, its measurements are accurate and on the spot, its finish product is usually great and it is convenient for use. It is also important to note that the machine comes with a greatly affordable price; it offers more features than that which you pay for. Most of its rivals are not as sophisticated as this tool. Anyone that uses this machine will really love the way it makes the job very easy. Dewalt dw735x, dewalt planer dw735x, dw735x is thus worth purchasing, it will be handy for anyone with a passion for cutting materials.





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