DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw Review

You can complete any of your projects quickly when you are using this high quality Dewalt DW745 saw. Keep reading this article to find some useful feature.

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Review  Dewalt Table Saw DW745

Dewalt-DW745Dewalt is very well-known for its high quality home improvement tools. You can find many useful products from this brand, including Dewalt table saw DW745. This unit has a lot of useful features that are good for all users. When you plan to buy the best table saw for yourself, you can consider buying this powerful unit today. This 10 inch table saw can help you have accurate and quick cut easily. You can complete any of your projects quickly when you are using this high quality Dewalt DW745 saw. Keep reading this article to find some useful features from this device.

Feature and Specification


  • 1. Site pro modular guarding systemIt is one of the most important features from this unit. This table saw is equipped with this site pro modular guarding system. This system can be adjusted based on your needs and preference easily. It allows you to setup all parts of this table saw quickly. You can adjust all settings from this table saw by using this modular guarding system. Because of this powerful feature, all users are able to start using this powerful table saw today.
  • 2. High performance motorThis is another useful feature that can help you complete your project quickly. This unit is supported by its powerful 15 amp high torque motor. This motor allows you to use this table saw easily. This Dewalt DW745 table saw can reach up to 3,850 rpm without having any problems. It is able to help you make clean and quick cuts for any of your applications.
  • 3. Dust collection systemWhen you want to make clean cut in your working area, you can consider using this table saw. This unit comes with comfortable dust collection port. This feature is able to collect all dust, dirt, and other unwanted things from the cutting process. Therefore, you are able to enjoy fast clean up, especially after you are done with your cutting process. If you are busy with your daily activities, this feature is very useful to help you accelerate your cleaning process.




  • 1. Portable designMany people are happy with this unit because it has portable design. It only weighs about 45 pounds, so you are able to move this table saw to your favorite place easily. This portable saw is very convenient for all users who want to enjoy their sawing process. When you plan to move to another workshop, you can simply bring this unit easily.
  • 2. Complete accessoriesThis is another benefit that is provided by this unit. This table saw DW745 from Dewalt offers some additional tools and accessories, including carbide blades, push stick, miter gauge, and also blade guard. Those accessories are very useful to make you feel comfortable with this unit. You can accelerate your cutting process easily when you use some of those accessories.
  • 3. Warranty systemWhen you buy this unit today, you don’t need to worry about its quality. This product is specially created from the best materials. This product is also protected with three year limited warranty. This warranty can cover all parts of this unit. You can also enjoy one year free service from Dewalt. If you are unhappy with your purchase, you can get refund easily. This device has 90 day money back guarantee program for all users.



  • 1. Inaccurate systemSome people are unable to complete their cuts accurately. They claim that they have some difficulties in completing any of their projects. When you have this problem, you should follow all instructions from the owner’s manual completely. It is important that you install the pro modular guarding system correctly. When this system is installed correctly, you will never have to worry about getting any inaccurate cuts in the future.


Dewalt-DW745-ReviewsThey are some useful features, pros, and also cons about Dewalt table saw DW745. This DW745 unit is very powerful to support all of your needs easily. You don’t need to spend a lot of time for completing your projects with this powerful table saw. This product is available at reasonable price. When you buy this product today, you can get huge discount from Dewalt today. You can also enjoy its free shipping option, in order to get this unit delivered to your home easily. Enjoy all features and benefits from this powerful table saw, so you can cut any variety of trim materials.




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