Makita LCT209W 12V max Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Piece Combo Kit- Review

the Makita LCT209W. It comes with a 12vdriver/drill as well as a separate impact driver, everything in a small package.

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Makita LCT209W Review

Makita has lived to its word when it comes to quality and performance with every kit they releases. This time it has come into a decision that smaller is better with the latest combo kit: the Makita LCT209W. It comes with a 12vdriver/drill as well as a separate impact driver, everything in a small package. This kit has gained huge popularity lately perhaps because of its compact size and ease of use in driving long screws into place and drilling walls. Here is Makita LCT209W review, which you should first read before you proceed to purchase the kit.

Features and Specification


  • The DrillThe LCT209W comes with a very powerful drill. It is designed with a variable 2-speed drill and a key chunk that delivers an amazing 200 lbs of torque. The body weighs just over 2 lbs, which means that it’s lightweight and can lifted without straining. It’s also made with a good grip so that it doesn’t slide over your hands, and easy to adjust and set up whenever you want to use it.
  • Impact DriverThere is also a powerful variable speed impact driver that can deliver 800 lbs in torque. It only weight 2 pounds yet can deliver amazing, real power when driving screws into place.
  • BatteriesThe batteries have always been an important consideration when it comes to these types of tools. You will want a reliable kit that can guarantee you hours of work without the need to recharge every now and then. Perhaps Makita had this in mind and they incorporated Lithium-ion 12 volt batteries that can serve you for hours without going off. Better still, the gear comes with 2 batteries to ensure that you use one while the other charges.
  • ChargerWith this Combo kit you will get a DC10WB charger, which you can use to charge your batteries in just 30 minutes. The beauty of it is that the charger has earned the label of Energy Star for its impressive efficiency, therefore guaranteeing you excellence performance.
  • Compact designThe whole purpose of this kit is helping you drill walls or fit screws into place or corners that are hard to reach. The unit is very small and compact, making it a perfect option to fit cabinets either in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • WarrantyAlmost every product in the market today comes with a warranty, and Makita LCT209W is no exception for that matter. You will have a limited 3-year warranty should the device present any problems after purchase. What’s more, you will also be offered another warranty of 1-year for the batteries in case they don’t deliver as they are expected to. This means that you can get the most out of the gear without the worry of damage or causing any inconveniences due to power.

Pros and Cons



  • Firstly, with this tool you will have to appreciate its ease of use. There are many similar gadgets out there but they are hard to adjust and set up. Well, this is not the case with the LCT209W. You will quickly learn how to use it and enjoy working in comfort.
  • This gear was made for multipurpose. There are quite a number of tasks you can use it for other than drilling a wall. You can also fasten screws faster and much better, making it perfect for construction works.
  • Amazing power supply is another advantage the Makita LCT209W offers you. It is equipped with quality batteries that help in providing enough power for all simple yet complex construction tasks.
  • This kit is made to be lightweight, allowing you to carry it around without stretching. It also comes with comfortable just to make your work more enjoyable.


  • While many customers applaud the good work this kit has offered them, some mention a few things that could be improved on. For instance, the product does not come with a battery gauge.
  • This gauge is not for heavy duty task. It can wear out quickly when used for drilling concrete walls. It is specifically designed for simple yet complex tasks.





 Compared to other bigger names on the market today, this kit appears to be excellent when it comes to quality and performance.According to this Makita LCT209W review, you can clearly see that it makes a great tool for drilling walls and fitting screws into place. Its light weight and offers impressive power just to make your job much easier.







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