Review Makita LS1216L 12-Inch Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw

Makita LS1216L Miter Saw is designed to offer the best function for wide range of trades persons, including but not limited to, professional woodworkers,

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Makita LS1216L Review

makita ls1216lHaving the right miter saw was always my dream and every time I made a purchase hoping that it was the right choice, I suffered disappointments after just a few episodes of use. One day when I discussed with a friend my troubles with miter saws in the market, he was shocked just how much I was behind news. He introduced me to a brand that was new to me although it had been known to produce the best range of industrial accessories. In this Makita LS1216L review, I will share with you several aspects of this miter saw.

This saw is designed to offer the best function for wide range of tradespersons, including but not limited to, professional woodworkers, finish carpenters, case and base installers, cabinet manufacturers, cabinet installers, closet installers, flooring and decking professionals, stair installers, siding installers as well as general contractors among other industrial professional. It is optimized for both residential and commercial use.

Features and specifications of Makita LS1216L

 review makita ls1216lmakita ls1216l

Since I purchased this great miter saw and brought it home, I have learn a great deal about many great features and specifications that give it an edge over its competitors currently in the market. Here are the main features and specification that drew me to check the Makita LS1216L.

  • § Huge cutting capacityThe quality of the cut also depends on the cutting capacity the saw is capable of delivering. The LS1216L is able to crosscut broad boards of up to 15 inches wide at right angles. It also features a state-of-the-art direct drive gearbox and guard system which is designed for larger vertical cutting capacity as well as biggest crown molding cutting capacity.
  • § Increased AccuracyAccuracy is vital in miter and bevel cuts. For accuracy, this miter saw features six linear ball-bearing capable of achieving adjustment-free, smooth and solid “dead-on” accurate cuts. This unit’s four-Steel rail sliding system is designed to further increase rigidity with resultant superior quality cuts, as the four steel rails system will provide much less deflection during operation.
  • § Precise bevel and miter cutsMakita LS1216L has an exclusive 5.5-Inch high sliding fence system, with 4-sliding fences equipped with lower and fence upper adjustments for highly precise bevel and miter cuts to take care of various precision cutting applications. Precision adjustments are simplified through double-front bevel scales enabling better visibility, as well as easy single-touch miter lock system which is engineered for accurate adjustments and higher cutting efficiency.
  • § 15 AMP direct gearbox motorThis miter saw is equipped with 15 AMP direct gear box motor with not propensity to slip, bog down or need maintenance like the traditional belt-driven saws. The engine has a Soft Start feature capable of delivering smoother ignition, and innovative Electronic Speed Control capable of maintaining constant speed even under load for smoother, better quality cutting.
  • § Safety and ergonomicsThis miter saw is equipped with the best features for convenience and ease of use. It’s patented four-Steel Rail System for sliding designed to minimize space requirements during operation compared to other dual sliding miter saws currently in the market. The transparent blade guard system offers greater visualization of blade as well as the line of cut. It also features a single-step blade change process that increases efficiency.

Pros and cons of the Makita LS1216L

There are several reasons why this great miter saw from Makita is my number one choice. Some would also argue of some cons although such disadvantages cannot limit its use. Here are the main pros and cons of this miter saw:


  • § It is designed with an ergonomic, rubberized horizontal D-handle that offers a better fit and extra comfort. It also features large trigger switch which is engineered for easier operation.
  • § The LS1216L is capable of delivering the best results due to its powerful with 15 AMP direct gear box motor that also requires very little maintenance.
  • § It delivers the best performance thanks to large cutting capacity, improved accuracy, and precise bevel and miter cuts.
  • § It comes equipped with all the necessary accessories for hassle free use. These extras include 60T TCT Saw Blade, Dust Bag, Vertical Vise, Wrench and a Triangular Rule.

  • § Some of the units come with Makita stand that does not really fit as expected and the outfitted rollers my not be in line with the table of the saw.
  • § The laser technology may fail to indicate the cut line is some of the units


makita ls1216lThere you go. I hope the above Makita LS1216L review has exhausted what you wanted to know about this great miter saw. No mater you specialization, this saw will enable you produce the best miter and bevel cuts for a variety of applications. I have now used this saw for approximately four years and it still performs as good as new. Take the earliest opportunity to check this unit out and am sure you will love it.




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