Makita LXT211 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 2Piece Combo Kit Review

This LXT211 model consists of a hammer driver-drill and an impact driver and is a cordless machine. The purchased kit also includes Lithium Ion batteries...

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Makita LXT211 Review

Makita-LX211The Makita LXT211 is a highly rated combo kit. It is a power tool appliance that consists of two pieces that are handy in completion of home and commercial tasks. The potency experienced during operation with this product is exceptional. The Makita Company is a well known innovator and manufacturer of combo power tools. These quality products have great performance ratings as well as durability that ensures that periodic replacements are unnecessary. This LXT211 model consists of a hammer driver-drill and an impact driver and is a cordless machine. The purchased kit also includes Lithium Ion batteries that are required for operation.


Feature and Specification Makita LXT211

There are aspects that must be considered when one is searching for an effective combo kit. Without experience and technical knowledge, it is possible to acquire a low quality product without the knowledge. The Makita LXT211 has been modeled to include the features that are sought after in such appliances. This includes the power, performance and durability. Consider these outlined features and specifications before making an informed decision.



  • The Power CapabilitiesVoltage capabilities are important for tools especially cordless ones like the Makita LXT. It determines how powerful the tool will be when in use. The purpose for which it is intended is also considered. This particular model has a voltage of 18V which gives it enough capability to accomplish tasks easily. It also ensures that the model remains light and ergonomic so that the user will enjoy convenience. The speed of the device is also important in determining the potency of the performance.The hammer driver-drill weighs 4 pounds and has two variable speeds during operations. One is 0-400 RPM while the other operates at 0-1500 RPM. It has a built-in four pole motor with the ability to deliver a maximum torque of 480 inches-pounds. The impact driver also has variable speeds of 0-2300 and 0-3200 IPM. It delivers a maximum torque of 1420 inches-pounds and still has a manageable weight of only 3.3 pounds.
  • The BatteryThe operation of the Makita LXT211 requires a battery. It is included with the kit when purchased and it is of the lithium ion variety. This Makita 18V battery is the source of power for the tool kit and they ensure that work can be done for an extended power of time. The battery is highly rated for the quality it provides and it can charge fully within an estimated period of thirty minutes. It has been fitted with Star protection controls which make certain that the battery does not overheat or overload.The Rapid Optimum Charger that is used for the appliance is outstanding. It is fitted with a fan to ensure that the charging process is efficient and fast. The charger also communicates with the battery using a chip within its construction. This helps optimize the life of the battery by close regulation of the charging process. This is innovative technology that saves on time that is utilized on the job and helps the tasks be accomplished with maximum effectiveness.
  • Durability and WarrantyThe product has been made only with the best materials available. Since it used in renovations and constructions, the Makita LXT211 is modeled for enhanced resilience and an extended lifespan. The impact driver which constantly exposed to harsh conditions has been fitted with protection technology. This improves its ability to resist and mitigate the effects of exposure to water and dust. The warranty plan that is provided by the manufacturer covers the tools for three years and the battery component for one year.


 Pros of the Product

  • – The appliance is a combo kit with hammer driver-drill and impact driver.
  • – Both tools in the kit have variable speed levels and are highly performing.
  • – The provided battery attains full charge within a limited period of thirty minutes and still has an extended period of service.
  • – The Rapid optimum charger makes certain that the process is fast and secure for the battery.
  • – The tools have an LED light that can be used to view the work area.
  • – The product has a good warranty plan for both the tools and the battery.

Cons of the Product

  • – Some users have complained about battery life. To avoid such issues, it is important to avoid leaving it on charge for extended periods.


If you are in the market for power tools or would like a handy appliance to add to your DIY collection, the Makita LXT211 is a perfect choice for you.


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