PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher

This 6-inch Porter Cable 7424XP is beautiful polisher that is sure to bring out the best finish on the surface of your old boat or car , which probably...

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porter cable 7424Porter Cable 7424 Review — A Variable-Speed Double-Action Polisher This 6-inch Porter Cable 7424XP is beautiful polisher that is sure to bring out the best finish on the surface of your old boat or car, which probably lacks luster at the moment. This 6-inch Porter Cable 7424XP is perfect for polishing and sanding boats and cars. A 4.5 amp motor is featured by this polisher for high overload protection and random orbit and swirl-free polishing/sanding action. Its electronic variable-speed dial operates between 2,500 OPM and 6,800 OPM. A 6-inch proprietary counter balance and a removable handle, which can be positioned left and right, are among the other features, which improve control and versatility. This Porter Cable 7424 review aims to show you that it is not just the price that makes this polisher stand out.

Porter Cable 7424 Features & Specifications

Polisher porter cable 7424porter cable 7424 review


A compact lightweight design is featured by this polisher and 5/16-24 spindle thread accessories are accepted by it. This polisher will prove to be reliable under industrial use and comes with an operating manual, a polishing pad, and a wrench.

  • 4.5 Amp MotorA faster removal rate will be provided by the by 4.5 amp motor of this polisher. Oxidation, scratches, swirls, and water spots can be polished out faster than before, while this polisher will not burn the paint, so you will have some peace of mind when using it. Then random, safe orbital motion will deliver enhanced power that will not burn the paint but will certainly remove imperfections. As a result of the more aggressive removal that is made possible by its faster speeds, you will be able to get optimum results when using this polisher for tougher detailing jobs.
  • Ergonomic DesignAdditionally, apart from enhanced speeds and a stronger motor, greater durability is also provided by the improved switch design of this polisher. Porter Cable has redesigned the body of this polisher with improved ergonomics so you will gain more comfort and control when using it. This polisher is extremely lightweight, weighing just below 6 pounds, so you will not get fatigued when using it for longer periods of time.
  • Reversible HandleA reversible side handle is included. With the help of the side handle, controlling and holding this polisher will be very easy, even when you work on vertical services. Whether or not you want to use the side handle will depend on your personal preference. A bit of safety will be added by it. If you have large hands, using one hand to grip the polisher by the head end and using the other to grip it by the rear will be just as easy.
  • Thumbwheel Speed ControlThis polisher is capable of functioning anywhere between 2,500 OPM and 6,800 OPM. Unlike its predecessor, that is 800 more OPM. There is a thumbwheel speed dial that you can rotate in order to control the speed. It is located on the top-rear end of this polisher. Porter Cable uses OPM measurement rather than RPM because they want to distinguish the difference between center shaft revolutions and orbits. You will really feel this polisher moving at 6,800 OPM.
  • Backing Plates & Buffing PadsWith this polisher, it will be possible to use a wide range of backing plates and buffing pads. Mastering this car polisher will be very easy, and the best way to learn is to practice on an older car that has an imperfect finish. You sh ould experiment with various pad and polish combinations until you figure out how the best results can be achieved.

Pros and Cons


  • 1. 5/16 to 24 spindle thread accessories are accepted by this polisher
  • 2. 5-inch proprietary counter balance is included for 6-inch polishing/sanding pad
  • 3. Absolutely ball bearing and rolling-element bearing construction
  • 4. Electronic variable-speed dial
  • 5. Lightweight design since it weighs just 5-1/2 lbs
  • 6. Two-position removable side handle provides more comfort and control


  • Perhaps the only drawbacks of this polisher from Porter Cable is that it does not come with an adapter plate, and considering how 6,800 OPM top speed, it may be somewhat loud.




porter cable 7424 polisherWith this 6-inch Porter Cable 7424XP dual-action car polisher, it will become easier for you to polish you boat and/or car. A badly worn finish can be restored with the help of this polisher or a stunning finish can be created. Moreover, Porter Cable offers a limited 3-year warranty to back this polisher, to cover defects because of faulty materials and workmanship.Hopefully, this Porter Cable 7424XP review will help you make an informed decision about whether or not this is the right polisher for you.



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