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Porter cable pcck600lb makes drilling an easy task and even enjoyable. Weighing at only 3.5 pounds. pcck600lb sports an elegant, compact design.

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Poter Cable PCC600LBPorter Cable Pcck 600lb Drill Drivers Review. Porter cable pcck600lb makes drilling an easy task and even enjoyable. Weighing at only 3.5 pounds, pcck600lb sports an elegant, compact design. It is easily powered by 20v Lithium Ion batteries making it portable and easy to hold even for large scale drilling tasks. In terms of performance, an inbuilt 2 speed gear box makes the machine powerful and fast. Available in one color-black- the machine is 7 and 3/4 Inches in length. The drilling end has rubber bumpers on the side to minimize tearing and wasting. To add to this, a ratcheting chuck made of metallic material helps to reduce drilling bits from slipping into the chuck. The inbuilt LED work light helps to brighten dull places for easy drilling. A uniquely designed battery fuel gauge will keep tabs on the remaining charge for you so that you’re able to concentrate fully on the drilling task at hand. So, which are the unique features that separate this drill from other similar battery powered drills? This porter-cable-pcck600lb, pcck600lb, pcck600lb review analyzes all the features, merits and limitations of this unique drilling machine. Read on.

This model is not packed with innumerable features even for it powerful speed and compact design. Actually, but its just enough features to suit any drilling, either on small scale or large scale basis.

Features and Specification


PCC600LB reviewPoter Cable PCC600LB review

  • Genuine LED work light that act as the guiding laser when drilling in dull places.
  • Metallic ratcheting chuck that reduce the rate of slipping of bits in chuck.
  • Battery fuel gauge for showing the battery charge level.
  • Weighs 3.5 pounds in total mass.
  • 12.8 x 4.2 x 11.2 inches in dimensions.
  • Its main body color is black.
  • Has a voltage capacity of 20 volts.
  • Uses 2 nonstandard, Lithium Ion batteries.
  • One battery inbuilt into the machine.
  • Has rubber bumpers to safeguard the sides of the drilling bit.
  • A reliable belt clip that can be switched between the hands.
  • A slim rubber handle that makes handling easy. Its 7 and 3/4 Inches in length.
  • Lets analyze the models merits and existing limitations.
  • A 2-speed gear box that helps improve the drilling speed of the machine.

Pros &Cons



  •  The LED work light helps in bright dull places and also helps direct the driller. This actually improves the focus on the drilling point.
  • It has a Battery fuel gauge feature is essential for estimating and monitoring the Lithium Ion battery charge level. This is especially important for large scale drilling tasks.
  • Battery charge indicator warns users to switch off the machine for recharging. This enhances the performance of the battery and subsequently improves its lifespan.
  • The inbuilt dual range speed gear box is a great feature that allows you to switch between low and high gears. This enables users to adjust the speed of the drill as suitable.
  • The fact that this drill is powered by only 20 volts from Lithium Ion batteries means it vibrates less and thus operates smoothly. This way, it is easier to direct the drilling end to a specific point without the machine wobbling.
  • The spare battery can remain on the charger until when it is required without the risk of getting overcharged or damaged. Likewise, the process of fixing the battery on the charger is simple.
  • The drill can be used for drilling on a variety of materials without risking the drilling end. The metallic ratcheting chuck helps steady the drilling end even for harder surfaces.
  • Weighing only 3.5 pounds in total, porter cable pcck600lb drilling machine is easy to handle and less tiring.


  • While the drilling machine comes with an inbuilt battery that is easy to charge, it has a high discharge rate. This may prove problematic in case the drilling task at hand is extensive. This makes it necessary to secure a second battery for cover.
  • While the machine is light and more portable when compared to similar drilling machines, its main parts are delicate thus requiring careful handling. However, its carry case isn’t strong enough as to handle it.



Poter Cable PCC600LBFor all its salient features, PCCK600LB is arguably lighter in weight and compact in design. It’s just fitting for professional grade drilling as it is best for simple drilling tasks. In case you’re intending to place an order for a set, then this porter-cable-pcck600lb, pcck600lb, pcck600lb review and guidelines are worth your consideration.

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