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Powersmith-PAVC101 Review An All-Purpose Vacuum Unit That Eliminates Ashes Without Blowing It Everywhere When you use a charcoal grill several times a week

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powersmith pavcAn All-Purpose Vacuum Unit That Eliminates Ashes Without Blowing It Everywhere  When you use a charcoal grill several times a week, you realize that part of the maintenance routine involves getting rid of the spent ash out of the grill. I used a wet/dry vac for this purpose, and I realized that there were a couple of drawbacks here. The first thing I realized was that the charcoal dust blew out of the vacuum’s exhaust port, and this was not healthy. The dust could blow all over me, everywhere else, even on the patio. Lastly, the noise was also a big problem, so I had to put up with all this until I came across a Powersmith-pavc101 review.

So I must talk about it to help you see how helpful it was. Perhaps you can make your decision based on this powersmith-pavc101 review you will read.


Features and Specification

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  • This machine was designed to handle cool and warm ashes that are as hot as 140 degrees F. This is typically ash from a pellet stove, fireplace, wood stove, or even BBQ grill. This vac has a wheel base (with attached accessories), and a 16 foot long power cord for connecting it to the power source conveniently.
  • So you can use it as an ordinary dry vacuum machine for general purpose for household use, garage use or even as a blower. This machine can be easily converted into a dry vacuum cleaner. You only need to empty the canister, first thing, before altering the set up.
  • Ash Vac Filters for This Machine
    It is designed with HEPA-grade cloth filters that features a rubber flange to create a special seal between the canister and the motor on the top part of the unit – prevents ash from escaping. The filtration system utilizes a 2-part construction to give it 2 surfaces. You can hand-wash or even replace it in case it gets damaged. This unit is fitted with a super-powerful 1200 watt, 10amp motor – a good motor for this kind of a task in and around the house. Surprisingly, this motor is so powerful yet it produces noise level that is less than 80 decibels.
  • The Canister
    The canister is so big that it holds up to 3 gallons of ashes. It features an indicator, which will slowly go red in color to indicate how full it is. This feature is very helpful to people who are allergic to this kind of dust. At no given time will it require you to come into contact with the ash, i.e. open it to see how full it is.
  • The Dimensions
    The canister is 14” in diameter, 15” high and is only 9 pounds. This is light enough to make it easy whenever you want to move it from point A to B. You don’t have to apply too much strength in this case.
  • When you buy the powersmith-pavc101, expect to find the following things inside the box:- Metal Canister
    – Motor housing
    – Flexible hose
    – Filter
    – Carpet tool
    – Metal Nozzle
    – 2 extension tubes made of plastic
    – 4 casters
    – A manual

Pros and Cons


The Pros

  • This vac machine is very easy to assemble. It has a wheel base (something that’s not easy to find among vacuum machines).
  • Even though it’s an ash vacuum, you can use it for all purposes, as long as you’re dry-vacuuming. It saves you the cost of investing in a separate machine for that purpose.
  • You will also notice that it offers tremendous power output even though it’s relatively quiet.
  • There are 4 rings built into the base of the machine. If you are in the habit of losing accessories, you can use the rings to slide them in for proper storage.

The Cons

  • Obviously some customers will find problems with everything they buy. One flaw that I heard a customer mentioning was about a bad odor they claimed could be sensed when the powersmith-pavc101 was in action.
  • They said it smelled like a burning rubber. Perhaps their vacuum unit had a problem, because mine doesn’t emit that smell either.



 powersmith pavc101review powersmith pavc101

All in all, we can say that this vacuum unit is a good investment to make at home. It has managed to garner between 4 and 5 stars among 85% of customers who bought it. But I noticed that those who gave 3 stars were mostly concerned with some minor refinements/improvements that needed to be made. This is beyond the scope of our powersmith-pavc101 review, but we hope you can get a clue as to how good this machine is.


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