BOSTITCH BTFP02011 6-Gallon Oil-Free Pancake Compressor Review

The Bostitch BTFP02011 compressor is ideal for homeowners, contractors doing trim work. Perfect for applications such as door casings, windows casings

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bostitch btfp02011The Bostitch BTFP02011 compressor is ideal for homeowners and contractors doing trim work as well as finish carpentry. It is a perfect for applications such as door casings, window casings, moldings and carpentry trim and finishing. Weighing only 33 pounds it is easily transported and at a sound level of 80 decibels, a lot quieter than competitors on the market. Read this Bostitch BTFP02011 review for yourself in order to make an informed decision.




 Features and Specifications BTFP02011

  • As a 6-gallon Pancake Air Compressor, one of its most outstanding features is the maintenance-free, oil free pump. Contactors realize the advantages of the oil-free pump as it means virtually no maintenance will be required, resulting in zero downtime. The six gallons of the tank size is sufficient to store adequate air supply when needed, this mean the compressor pump does not run continuously and ultimately saves on wear and tear of the pump and the motor. The fact that it is electric adds to the advantages as being environmentally friendly and when considering the rising gasoline prices, you appreciate the electric motor.
  • Providing 0.8 horsepower, which is relatively low, it is still remarkably efficient and you will be able to run several tools without any problem. If air delivery is one of your concerns, you can put it safely to rest when looking at the CFM requirements. The 150-PSI maximum reserve tank delivers 2.6 CFM at 90 PSI. If you wonder, what these numbers say in simple language it simply explains that you can run tools on it for a long time and recovery is quick. This level runs several small air tools and nailers with great ease.
  • It is very compact and small for an air compressor with the dimensions as follow; Length is 16-inches, Height is 19, 1/2-inches and Width is 16-inches with a weight of only 33 pounds. It takes up very little floor space and when not in use, it is easy to store. A lightweight feature adds tremendously to features and advantages as it makes it more portable to move around a house and lifting from trucks, etc.
  • Additionally it is outfitted with a draw valve for safety making emptying the compressor easy and thorough. For added protection and safety, the controls are inset and the multi-functionality of the machine is improved by the fact that it features two interval couplers, this allow for two users simultaneously.

Pros and Cons of  BOSTITCH BTFP020


  • You can use this machine for various finishing and trim in a home and very handy with an installation of door casings, moldings, and cabinets.
  • It is ultra-portable and quiet to operate. It will maintain the tank as well as output pressure at the set rate, enabling you to run tools continuously without a hitch. The machine life is guaranteed up to 450 life hours of use for added value for money.
  • Oil-free and maintenance free pump for convenient on going use; excellent design and adjustable exhaust are only a few of its outstanding features.
  • It has a handle and works on electricity only, with a convenient extra-long cord of 25 feet in length.


  • Finding cons for this compressor are extremely difficult, but if something has to be dug up, then it should be the size of the numbers used on the gauges. They are quite small and to see the settings, you have to get close. Although most customers who purchased it, reports that it is quiet, some do mention that they found it to be noisy.
  • However, they should keep in mind that it is indeed a compressor and possibly some people’s perspective on sound might be somewhat distorted, as it actually runs at a low 80 decibels, which means it is only a little bit noisier or louder than the average household vacuum cleaner.




bostitch btfp02011

  • The Bostitch BTFP02011 is a highly recommended compressor and ideal for home use and professional contractors prefer it for its compact size and portability, with its very light weight.
  •  It is ideal for various applications including installing and molding cabinetry and window and door casings. It is a little bit noisier than a home vacuum cleaner, making working indoors pleasurable.
  • Reading this Bostitch BTFP02011 review, you will also notice that it has a six-gallon tank and integrated control panel which adds to the protection of the compressor components.



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