DEWALT DCV581H 18/20-Volt MAX Cordless/Corded Wet-Dry Vacuum Review

the Dewalt dcv581h may just be your best bet. It comes with all the great features you want from a reliable cleaning tool and you will like how efficient

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Dewalt dcv581h Review


In search for a top quality cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaner? If so, then the Dewalt dcv581h may just be your best bet. It comes with all the great features you want from a reliable cleaning tool, and you will like how efficient it is to use this vac. So, read along and learn more about the things you can expect from this product.




Feature and Specification

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This cordless vacuum is great for use on wet and dry surfaces. It is a handy tool that makes it much easier for anyone to use, particularly when you are looking for a compact and portable vacuum cleaner. When you are on the go and you just need a tool that can pick up the mess whenever and wherever you want, this vac by DeWalt is a practical choice. After all, why go for a bulky and heavy cleaner when you can simply grab this cleaning tool quickly from your tool shed? You can save so much of your time and energy relying on this product instead of a large one that is a hassle to use and operate.

Among the key features and specs of this vacuum cleaner model are the following:


  • – 33.55 CFM air volume
  • – 8 amps
  • – 5 feet cord length
  • – 13.125 inches in height and 17.25 inches in depth
  • – 2 gallon capacity
  • – 1.25 inches x 5 feet hose size
  • – HEPA washable type of filter
  • – 3-year limited warranty and 1-year free service
  • – 18-volt NiCd battery




  • What you will like about this product is that it is a short, compact and lightweight vacuum cleaner. It can get the job done quickly and efficiently, as it is packed with superior suction power and capacity. Moreover, the moment you turn the unit on, it does not generate intense noise unlike most brands of vacuum cleaners. The machine is fairly quiet, and that can make all the difference when you want something to use for cleaning without waking the neighbors up.
  • In addition to the quiet operation, it has an integrated tool storage, which is perfect to keeping every component of this tool quite organized. There is a crevice tool in the handle, and you can clip the nozzle right in the front part of the unit. If you look at the back of the cleaner, it has a special compartment for storing the hose for your convenience.
  • Another outstanding feature of this tool is its battery. This vacuum cleaner model by DeWalt is perfect for use on an 18-volt Nickel Cadmium stem battery, as well as the 20-volt battery pack. This means, it is more versatile as other vacuum cleaners in the market. What’s more, suction power is not imapcted negatively by either mode, and you can barely detect any difference in terms of the performance of the vac when you use the Li-Ion or NiCd battery mode.
  • The hose is long enough to reach areas that need to be cleaned inside your home or your workshed. It has an overall length of five feet, and it is excellent for a number of cleaning jobs. In fact, you can easily tidy up any areas by simply extending your arm effortlessly, thanks to the long hose of this vacuum.


  • Perhaps the only limitation of this vacuum is that it can only be used for easy cleaning jobs at home. It may not have enough suction or capacity for commercial or industrial cleaning, which is basically what you can expect from most vacuum cleaners in this range. So, if you want optimum power for tough cleaning, then you may want to look for other vacuum cleaners for such kind of purpose.



Overall, the Dewalt dcv581h offers the best value for your money. For a cordless vacuum in its price range, you will be satisfied with what this tool can do. It can handle quick and easy cleanups, and you will have no trouble reaching areas that need to be cleaned, all because of the vacuum’s long hose. This tool does exactly as expected, and that is enough to give you much satisfaction from purchasing this product you will want to have in your home. So, check out this product now and discover what it can do when it comes to cleaning various areas of your home, work area, and garage.





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