One of the top planers on the market is the Dewalt DW 734 planer .....

A Comprehensive Dewalt Dw734 Review Planers can be very helpful when you need to smooth a rough wood and efficient tool that will be handy to your woodwork

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A Comprehensive Dewalt Dw734 Review

Dewalt-DW734Planers can be very helpful when you need to smooth a rough wood. One of the top planers on the market is the Dewalt planer dw734, which is a good tool that can help you smooth out woods, straighten lumber that is crooked, or fix any bad cuts make by the factory. This benchtop planner is a tool that can be very handy in any wood work.
Here is a Dewalt dw734 review in relation to its features and functions.



Product Details

This planner is large, reliable and it is loaded with more than 20,000 RPM and a raw performance of 15Amps. The tool is able to handle larger and deeper cuts with a cutter head that has three knives, which rotate at more than 10,000 precisions. It also has a carriage lock that has four columns, which limits the chances of sniping.



  • • Strong Knives
    This helps the planner to get deep through the wood, regardless of the type. For that, you will be able to work on many wood types in a short time. There are 3 knives that are very strong, spinning at 10,000 RPM in order to offer 96 cuts in every inch.
  • • A 15Amp Motor
    This makes it powerful enough to get through deep wood pieces easily. The powerful motor will be able to handle hardwoods, and along with the knives, the motor helps to push them deeper.
  • • Debris And Dust Management
    The planer has a dust hood, which is linked to a standing dust collector and a shop vacuum. Nevertheless, these two items are sold separately. They will help you to collect the chips and debris easily, which keeps your working area clean enough.
  • • A 4 Column Carriage Lock
    Another great feature of this tool is the carriage lock that has four columns. This will help you to secure the tool when you are using it. The planer is very powerful and it will be vibrating as you are using it on the woodwork. However, the carriage lock ensures that the planer does not snipe as you are using it.
  • • Ample Feed Capacity
    The planer also has long enough infeed table that will offer you with an ample space to get the wood through. This will also ensure that there is no challenge when getting the wood in the planer. It has an additional 12 inches wide, in order to hold a wider wood without any challenge. It also has a long outfeed to ensure that the wood gets through the planer easily.
  • • Reversible Blades
    This tool uses a two-sided blade that will allow you to interchange it if one side is worn out. It has super sharp knives that are disposable and reversible. One thing about these knives is that they are strong enough and are able to last for more than 30% longer than the standard disposable knives. The knives have also been designed to easily fit in the tool, so that will give you an easier task.

Pros Of The DW734 Dewalt

There are many ways that this planer helps the user, some of the benefits of using the planer include the following:


  • • It Saves money. The reversible blades will help you to reduce chances of buying new blades. Besides, they are strong enough and they will take time before wearing out, which you will only need to interchange them when they are worn out.
  • • They save on time. The reversible blades and the powerful motor help to reduce the time taken in the production.
  • • More produce. The enough infeed and outfeed space helps to give more materials at a time.
  • • They keep the place clean and the air safe. The debris and dust management ensures that the place is presentable and also, there would be no dangerous chips in the air.
  • • Precise Output. The DW734 has a an accurate depth along with a number of cuts per inch, which reduces damage, while it enhances accuracy.


There is no much disadvantage of this tool, but the cutterhead bearings are not sealed, which expose them to air, as a result, they might clog due to the debris and resins of the wood. Though you can lubricate it well when you are through with using it.




Dewalt-DW734The Dewalt Planer DW734 is an efficient tool that will be handy to your woodwork. You will produce more materials and the precision will be increased. It is also easy to handle, so there wouldn’t be much difficulty.


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