The Milwaukee 2691-22 combo kit is a necessary requirement for

The Milwaukee M18 drill driver has been featured as the most powerful tool as compared to other tools of its class with torque of 400 in.

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Milwaukee 2691-22 Review: Designed for Power, Precision and Superior Performance

Milwaukee-2691-22 reviewThe Milwaukee 2691-22 combo kit is a necessary requirement for professionals. Although it is designed to work for professionals, you do not really need to be a professional to use the combo. Both the impact driver and the drill are very powerful, lightweight and straightforward to use. The kit comes with a quick battery charger that charge within 30 minutes and two lithium-ion batteries that offer you enough power to handle all your tools. The kit is the go for solution when you need a combo that offers you with power, precision and superior performance in an ultra efficient manner.

The tool combo kit features 1/2-inch compact driver/ drill, ¼-inch hex compact impact and a convenient contractor bag. The manufacturer has combined innovation with performance to improve efficiency and functionality. Some of the innovations designed to help you get the best from the Milwaukee 2691-22 tool kit include built-in LED lights, 4-pole frame less motor, variable speed triggers, battery fuel gauges and lightweight.

Features and Specifications


  • M18 Lithium-ion Compact DriverThe Milwaukee M18 drill driver has been featured as the most powerful tool as compared to other tools of its class with torque of 400 in. /lbs. The unit is also known to offer more than 100% bit retention on grip over other competing brands in the market. The unit further allows you to handle all your power tasks efficiently by offering more run-time. It is also designed with an amazing compact size while it is also not bulky, which allows the user to use the kit with convenience and flexibility as needed. The Milwaukee drill driver is durable and of high performance, which ensures reduced downtime. The unit is designed to work smoothly, efficiently and with ease, which is essential in reducing worker fatigue.The combo comes with adjustable speeds that feature low speed and high speed. The low speeds start from 0 to 450 RPM while the high speeds start from 1 to 1800 RPM. The adjustable speeds enable you to attend to your tasks with concentrated accuracy for professional results. The drill driver is also built with a side handle that offers better control, compactness and comfort while the 24 clutch settings ensures easy operability.The unit can help you with an endless range of uses that range from conduit clamps, running wire, pex, running copper pipe, running pipe through wood, anchoring pipe hangers, drilling metal to run conduit, running wire, drilling pilot holes duct work, general fastening and fastening duct.
  • ¼-inch Hex Impact DriverThe Milwaukee M18 compact impact driver stands out as the strongest, fastest and longest running among its competitors. It features more than 70-percent faster speed over its competitors; bit loading that can be done with one hand and pinpoint illumination, which makes it the easiest and smartest choice. The compact impact driver is efficiently designed to offer two times longer run time, extended power, extreme durability and 1,400 in. /lb of torque and variable speed trigger that accurately controls the 0-2, 200 RPM. The driver further features 4-pole frameless motor and 0-3, 200 RPM, which helps maximize the torque, run-time and efficiency.The driver weighs about 3.5 pounds and measures 5-3/4 inches, which makes it compact and powerful unit. Other fitted features include an effective LED light that offers pinpoint illumination for dark job sites and a battery fuel gauge that lets you know the remaining run-time. It has several applications that may include 3/4-inch pipe and 5/8-inch pipe couplings, panel boxes, outlet boxes, fastening self-tapping metal screws, switch plates, pipe hangers, conduit clamps, conduit clamps and panel boxes among other general fastening.
  • Lithium-ion BatteryMilwaukee is a leader when it comes to lithium ion batteries. Its first lithium-ion system was launched in 2005 and closely followed by its first backward compatible lithium-ion in 2006. Over the years since, the company has been able to built lithium-ion batteries that are 50-percent smaller and 65-percent lighter and able to store more than 30-percent power. The batteries feature slide pack dual clips, recessed terminals and housing that is over-molded to address the issue of broken or bent terminals.


Pros & Cons



  • The unit is powerful for jobs that are light to medium.
  • It is also lightweight and easy to use.
  • The unit further comes with a battery power indicator light that allows you to known when recharge is necessary.
  • It is also compatible with 3.0 Ah batteries in case you need more power.


  • Despite the efficiency and effectiveness of Milwaukee 2691-22, some customers has complained of below average battery run time but which is overcome by using compatible 3.0 Ah batteries.
  • The other con after Milwaukee 26-91-22 review is that it is not perfect for heavy duty applications because of insufficient power.
    However, finding a negative Milwaukee 2691-22 review is rare as it is evident by its 4.5 rating out of 5.



Milwaukee-2691-22 reviewMilwaukee 2691-22 is a handy tool to have as it can handle most tasks smoothly, effectively and with a lot of power. Finding another unit that can handle tasks that you can with Milwaukee 2691-22 and with the same precision and accuracy is not possible and thus, a must buy product.





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