The Dewalt DW788 is an excellent variable-speed scroll saw that’s been

If you’ve got a project that requires a high degree of precise work, the Dewalt DW788 is the ideal workshop tool for you an excellent variable-speed scroll

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Dewalt DW788 Review

Dewalt DW788 is perfect the hobbyists saw

Dewalt-DW788The Dewalt DW788 is an excellent variable-speed scroll saw that’s been designed to tackle the toughed jobs in any workshop. With excellent product features such as arm lifts and tool free blade, the Dewalt delivers. It can take on any heavy-duty cutting task with a 20-inch scroll saw designed under exacting specifications by the technicians at Dewalt. What other scroll saw can reduce or diminish noise as well as vibration so accurately? Only with Dewalt is it possible to make extremely accurate cuts, this alone lets the blade create intricate designs if you require a blade that can do exacting work. Even better, the larger-than-life cast iron table offers the perfect support and while it can bevel left or right at a 45-degree angle. All at a price of just over $500, this is the heavy-duty scroll saw you’ve been looking for! Read on and discover exactly what it can do for you.

Feature and Specification

There are many excellent features of the Dewalt DW788 such as:


  • An enormous cast-iron table that is excellent for any material support. As an added bonus, it even bevels left to right at 45-degree angles. If you’ve got a project that requires a high degree of precise work, the Dewalt DW788 is the ideal workshop tool for you.
  • The sturdy arm deign ensures that the blade is always kept upright which goes a long way in reducing any form of over or under cutting. This is always a consideration when working on any project.
  • The arm easily lifts so that the blade can be threaded through the material that’s being cut – this is ideal for creating an inside cut.
  • The front arm even has a bunch of nifty extras such as electronic variable speed, a moveable dust blower as well as a safety on-off switch. This also includes the blade-tensioning lever.
  • What other cutters allow blade changes in seconds flat? The tool-free blade clamps on the Dewalt DW788 is perfect for this.
  • One of the best features is certainly its outstandingly accurate cutting, courtesy of the double parallel-link arm that effectively removes all noise and vibration.


Pros and Cons


  • As it’s designed in Canada, the Dewalt Saw makes light work of practically any task. The low vibration tackled with extremely smooth operation mechanics produces stellar work. It’s also made by the same people who make the Excalibur Scroll saw, one of the best money can buy.
  • The quick release for the blade means that it can be changed and released in seconds flat, and safely as well.
  • Top arm lifts smoothly and quickly as well, which means that the operation is quite silent.
  • Assembly is nice and quick and it takes just a few minutes to get it altogether.
  • Price is pretty great for a scroll saw with this many functions, and costs half or a third of other scroll saws that produce the same sort of results.
  • The saw itself is good and heavy, this makes it excellent for creating fine cuts on your work.
  • The blade clamps are some great features, and are a lot better than having to use thumbscrews.


  • The motor isn’t as strong as it could be and may not hold up to some of the toughest materials.
  • The light is not bright at all and is a considerable waste of money.


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Review-Dewalt-DW788 When all is said and done, this is a great saw that is ideal for those who want to create intricate work without having to spend thousands of dollars on an industry standard scroll saw. It’s simply one of the best purchases for anyone beginning in the hobby trade or wants to learn how to scroll materials correctly. The table is also large enough to ensure that any project can be easily tackled. It’s a solid saw with little to no vibration and as such, this excellent product is a pleasure to use.

The Dewalt DW788 scroll saw is an excellent purchase for anyone wanting to make a difference in his or her workshop. Snap it up now.



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